The franchise is the permit that the Mexican Government gives a person, wether national or foreigner, to not pay rights and taxes for a certain amount of items that are brought to the country.

Arrival to Mexico through sea or air
The franchise can total an amount of 300 dollars or its equivalent in national currency, in one or several items, except beers, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.
Arrival to Mexico through a land port.

Your franchise covers up to 75 dollars or its equivalent in national or foreign currency, on one or more items, except beers, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and gasoline, except the one that is contained in the gas tank of the vehicle according to the manufacturer specifications.

In both cases you must have the sales receipt or any other document that states the commercial value of the merchandise.

The amount can be accumulated by the father, mother and sons, even taking into account the underage ones, when the arrival to the national territory is simultaneous and in the same vehicle.

In the same way, the passengers that come from the border region to the

Source: Secretaria de Administración Tributaria
Special Dates

On the following dates, the permited merchandise value raises from $75 to $300 dollars.

  • March 12th to April 16th 2012
  • June 2nd to August 31st 2012
  • November 1st 2012 to January 6th 2013

Summary of items that a person can bring along for free and are not amounted into the franchise.
For a complete detailed list visit SAT
  1. Items for personal use as clothes and hygiene products. In case a baby is aboard, the stroller, car seat and similar things are included.
  2. Two cameras, 12 camera films, 3 cellphones, one gps device, one electronic typewritter, one portable computer, one portable printer or copy machine, un cd/dvd/bluray burner and proyector.
  3. Assorted sports equipment.
  4. One portable image or sound player.
  5. 30 CDs, 10 DVDs, 5 storage devices.
  6. Books, magazines
  7. 5 Toys, 1 console, 5 videogames
  8. One device to meassure blood pressure and medicines. Prescription is required for psychotropic drugs (see above link).
  9. Suitacase or luggage set.
  10. 20 cigarette packs, 25 cigarrs or 200 grams of tobacco, 3 litters of alcoholic beverages and 6 litters of wine.
  11. One binocular and a telescope.
  12. 2 musical instruments and its accessories.
  13. One camping tent and accessories.
  14. Handicapped people can bring along everything they deem neccesary to overcome their limitations.
  15. One power tools set (must be portable)
  16. 3 pets (need certificate).